Jonathan Coby, Associate

Jonathan Coby joined Nexus Strategies in 2018 after working in state government and the private sector in fields ranging from legislative aide and campaign manager to social media and technology consulting.


Coby’s work at Nexus includes coordinating and executing both political and public affairs projects requiring strategic, tactical, logistical, and time management competencies.


In the private sector, and in his work at Nexus, Coby has excelled at providing expert design, execution, and analysis for highly targeted campaigns for political, healthcare, environmental, immigration, and telecommunications efforts.


Coby previously served as a legislative aide to North Carolina State Representatives Tricia Cotham and Ken Waddell. He has also served as an advisor to state and local campaigns throughout North Carolina, including Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin, county commissioners, judges, and members of the North Carolina General Assembly. 


Coby holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from North Carolina State University and is a Specialist in the North Carolina Army National Guard.