Government Relations

In politics, as well as other areas, perception is reality. When these two do not overlap, it can be costly to any endeavor. Therefore, real time and accurate knowledge, coupled with strategic and able ground support, are crucial to success.

Nexus Strategies provides sound strategy and direction along with the benefit of strong relationships with elected officials and policy makers at every level of government. Combined with our command of a broad range of issues – from a policy and political perspective -- we can bring added value to any government relations effort. 

Case Studies (click each to expand)

Legislative Initiatives

An industry was seeking the modernization of a regulatory and financial structure involving a quasi-public entity.  Nexus Strategies worked in tandem with the industry and their legislative lobbying team to implement a comprehensive outreach effort aimed at targeted legislators involving grasstops and grassroots advocacy by consumers, a paid advertising effort, and development of earned media opportunities with television and print outlets (both news and editorial).  The measure advocated by the industry was enacted by the NC General Assembly – over the objections of a very organized opposition and vocal group of elected officials.


A public policy organization sought to influence a legislative target that in the past had been adversarial to the organization’s agenda.  Utilizing a creative hook, Nexus Strategies orchestrated a press event engaging non-traditional allies and industries in order to attract the attention of the legislator.  The legislative target was so intrigued by the event concept, he offered to participate in the press event.  The legislator ended up being very supportive of the policy position and ultimately worked for its passage.


An emerging industry in North Carolina was facing a pending regulatory scheme that would have likely affected their viability in the state.  Nexus Strategies recruited, organized and marshaled business leaders and associations, state and local elected officials, and key influencers to engage on the issue.  Through a series of meetings, contacts, and media outreach, we were able to help transition the targeted Member of Congress from an undecided position to being the lead sponsor on favorable legislation to amend the offending regulatory language.


Tapping into our national network of relationships, Nexus Strategies was able to secure legislative activity in over a dozen states for a technology client seeking to assist state governments in modernizing the delivery and availability of mandatory public notices, announcements, and other communications.