Grassroots/Grasstops Advocacy

Achieving a goal or turning a challenge into an opportunity relies on the capacity to recruit opinion leaders and allies with close connections to decision makers. This support requires established relationships with elected officials, donors, community and civic leaders, media outlets, and business and community groups. It also requires the ability to rapidly build support for a particular challenge by calling upon a vast network of relationships and associations for immediate action.

At Nexus Strategies we have solid relationships; we are constantly expanding our network of relationships with national, state, and local leaders in all sectors – the kind of relationships that lead to success. 

Case Studies (click each to expand)


When retail merchants were facing increased payment processing fees, Nexus Strategies helped organize a grassroots effort focused on targeted Members of Congress.  We were able to activate a network and execute calls, emails, letters, and DC “fly-in” visits to targeted Members, as well as creating earned media opportunities including letters to the editor and Op-Eds.  Throughout the process – committee, floor, and conference committee – Nexus Strategies was successful in working with our grassroots partners to gain and retain the support of all four targeted Members. 


Nexus Strategies has recently recruited, organized and managed a bi-partisan statewide coalition of leading business and community leaders and elected officials including two former Governors [D and R] and several Fortune 500 CEOs to address the federal government’s financial health and the nation’s long-term economic growth.  The launch event garnered earned media in every media market in the state and significant editorial support.