Political Campaigns

When you hire Nexus Strategies you employ a team with the experience to manage all facets of a political campaign. From candidates to issue and bond referenda, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in achieving their political goals.

We offer a complete package of services including strategic planning and consulting, day-to-day management of operations, creative direct mail, media and internet communications, oversight and execution of fundraising and compliance programs, and creation and maintenance of supporter databases.

Campaigns are also about relationships. We believe in relationships and have spent our professional lives developing solid personal relationships with political, business, and opinion leaders that are critical for success.

Case Studies (click each to expand)

Political Candidates

Nexus Strategies has been engaged in numerous successful national, statewide and local campaign efforts in North Carolina.  

Nexus Strategies has managed every aspect of highly contested primaries and general election campaigns, including media communications and fundraising. We’ve won several multi-candidate primaries without run-off elections and have won a contested general election against a self-funded opponent who outspent our client by a 3 to 1 margin.

One Nexus Strategies’ client has received more votes than any candidate in North Carolina history in each of the past two general elections.


Nexus Strategies frequently works with business and education leaders to successfully shepherd local bond referendums to passage across the state.

Nexus Strategies is proud to have successfully managed one of the largest community college bonds in North Carolina’s history. The $164 million bond won approval with 62 percent of the vote at a time when voters were feeling the impact of a major national economic meltdown and after a much smaller bond had been rejected by voters in a previous election.

Independent Expenditures / Campaign Finance

In the ever changing world of campaign finance, there are more and more opportunities for individuals, organizations and corporations to have their voice heard.  At Nexus Strategies, we have a very thorough knowledge and understanding of federal and state campaign finance laws and regulations. We know how to effectively use that knowledge to navigate complex rules while achieving aggressive fundraising and political goals and maintaining compliance with the law.

Nexus Strategies has managed numerous independent political organizations at the state and local level including one that raised over $4 million and that news outlets in North Carolina credited with playing a significant role in the successful election of a gubernatorial candidate.